Poo mouse, 5 colors

120.00 kr.

Leather by beth • Poo mouse in 100% buffalo-leather

Our cute bag holder is available in several colors

Size is approx. 11 x 6 cm and there is room for 6 bags

Poo mouse is the fun little leather gimmick... -so you always have a bag on hand




Poo mouse bag holder in buffalo leather is available in several colors

Leather by beth’s Poo mouse is 100% handmade in durable Buffalo-leather and is water-repellent. A cute and fun way to store your bags. Poo mouse is sewn from pieces of leather that are left over in our production. Therefore, it is also available in different colors, which are not always the same. An idea carried by the thought of sustainability with a result that is just cute.

Handmade leather mouse with an extremely practical and well-thought-out design that you will not find anywhere else. Our production-process ensures, that no leather material is wasted while there are constantly new color-designs available in the shop.

We recommend that you maintain the leather with our Danish Gold Quality Læderfedt, so that it remains soft, beautiful and supple.

-made to be used !

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