Show slip lead 100cm

595.00 kr.
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Show lead • Performance series in 100% buffalo-leather

Our 100 cm show lead in Ø 6 mm is also available in the length of 160 cm

This special designed show lead is available in 5 colors: Black • Cognac • White • Silver • Gold

The Performance show lead is braided by hand and comes with 'ON & OFF stop'




Performance show slip lead in buffalo leather with special knob and removable "ON & OFF-stops"

The show slip lead is in many ways a classic thin round braided leather line, and yet completely different and innovative. The classic handle has been replaced with a "knob" which lies naturally in the hand, and makes it easy to control the dog. If you have the leash around your neck, it falls incredibly nicely due to the weight of the knob. The leash is designed, so that it loosens by itself, so free movement becomes easy and elegant. 

LEATHER by beth’s show slip lead is 100% handmade. Our round braided lead in durable Buffalo-leather is water repellent. The show lead comes with 2 "ON & OFF-stops" (plus a reserve). The stops are delivered loose and can easily be mounted exactly where you want them. Either on both sides of the ring or only on one side. The stop can be tightened so that it does not slip on the line or loosened, so that it can be moved on the line. The stops are mounted with a screwdriver.

We recommend that you maintain the lead with our Danish Gold Quality Læderfedt, so that it remains soft, beautiful and supple.

Performance is an exclusive series of leads, developed for active dogs at

exhibition, hunting, obedience etc. It is a handmade product in the round braid

Buffalo leather, extremely durable in a classic design and with unique features.

-made to be used !

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