Sighthound collar cognac/créme

224.00 kr.

Super exclusive and handmade leather collar from 'Leather by beth'

Sighthound is the classic collar that is both simple and extremely durable

• The collar is upholstered on the inside with extra soft leather

• Available in 3 sizes: Small, medium & large

• Available in 3 color kombinations: Cognac/créme, créme/cognac & black/cognac

Sighthound, like all our dog products, is vegetable tanned - because we love our animals



Leather by beth  •  Danish leather design the cool way

Sighthound is a super exclusive and handmade leather collar

Sighthound is the classic collar that is both simple and extremely durable

The collar is upholstered on the inside with a layer of extra soft & comfortable leather


Small  •  Length: 34 cm - Wide: 20 mm  /  for neck size: 20-28 cm
Medium  •  Length: 42 cm - Wide: 25 mm  /  for neck size: 27-37 cm 
Large  •  Length: 52 cm - Wide: 25 mm  / for neck size: 37-47 cm


Créme/cognac • Black/cognac • Cognac/cream (other colors can be ordered)

Sighthound is a classic and durable collar that your dog can use both at home, on the walk and for training. The collar is produced in strong core leather and padded with the softest calfskin which only gets softer & more beautiful from being used. The ring is located on the opposite side of the buckle so it is always easy to get to when dogs need to be coupled. Both buckle and ring are handmade in brass.

Sighthound, like our other dog products, is vegetable tanned, nice to know when you give it to your dog around the neck.

Sighthound is available in cognac & black core leather combined with an inner layer of soft calf leather, which is team in simple & elegant tones.

You can combine Sighthound collars with liners from the Performance or Maxiflet series.

We recommend that you maintain the collar with our Danish Gold Quality Leather Grease, so that it remains soft, beautiful and supple.

-made to be used !

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