Supréme leadrope, cognac

490.00 kr.
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Leather by beth Supréme series in 100% buffalo leather

Our lead rope comes in Ø 18-28 mm is available in the length 150 cm.

The Supréme lead rope has an ingenious knob and is braided by hand.


Supréme lead rope in cognac buffalo leather is also available in black

LEATHER by beth's lead rope is 100% handmade and round braided in durable Buffalo-leather is water-repellent. Super powerful with an extremely elegant and well-thought-out design that you will not find anywhere else on the market. Handmade brass carabiner at one end and a delicious, thick and powerful knob at the other end. Our design ensures that you do not "burn" your hands or lose grip if the horse wants to walk.

We recommend that you maintain the lead rope with our Danish Gold Quality Læderfedt, so that it remains soft, beautiful and supple.

Performance is an exclusive series of leashes & lead ropes, handmade in the round

braid Buffalo-leather, extremely durable in a classic design and with unique features.

-made to be used !

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