Grooming bag, black

520.00 kr.

Leather by beth grooming bag in exclusive black leather is a part of
the exhibition series incl. 'Goodybag, Number armholder & Showleash'
With the grooming bag you can in an elegant & practical way store
and transport all the equipment you use at exhibitions.

- small side pocket with zipper

- extra side pocket for the leash

- separate scissor serum with zipper at the bottom

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Leather by beth grooming bag in exclusive black leather is part of our
exhibition series which consists of a black 'Goodybag & Number bracelet & Showline'

With the trimming bag, you can store and transport the equipment you use at exhibitions in an elegant & practical way.

Our display & trim bag has a nice 'nubbed' surface
The dimensions of the grooming bag are: Width 30 cm • Depth 14 cm • Height 18 cm

It is equipped with:
- a small side pocket with zipper
- an extra side pocket for the showline
- a separate scissor room with a zipper at the bottom

In the empty state, the trim bag can be buttoned together on both sides and then takes up very little space

Leather color: Black with nubbed surface with the appropriate 'goodybag'

Can be engraved with your name or logo - that's the way it works:  ENGRAVING

The price for the engraving of a grooming bag is € 47 / DKK 350.00

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