The delivery time is usually 2-4 business days from we received your order until you receive it by courier service.
However, up to 10 additional business days may be required if you want an individual engraving.


You can choose whether you want to send the package to your place of residence or to your workplace.
If you need to give the package as a gift, we can send the package directly to the recipient while the invoice is sent to you.
Remember to save the invoice as it is the proof of complaint.


You can always choose to pick up your goods at our business address if this has already been agreed upon.
Leather by beth has changing opening hours (applies to both office, showroom and warehouse), so please contact us in front.


All orders are shipped as packages, as it secures the product as best as possible
during shipment and makes it easier to track them should any problems arise during shipment.

Orders come with courier service and you have the following options.


Delivery to private address costs da/Kr. 95, -

Get the package delivered directly to your place of residence.
If you are not at home, you can arrange delivery with the neighbor or give written permission for the goods to be placed.
In case the item needs to be placed, please note that Leather by beth disclaims any responsibility for any theft or damage.

Delivery to business address costs da/Kr. 85, -

Get the package delivered directly to your workplace and take it home.


We deliver packages of couriers. Rates vary from country to country. The minimum price is 155,-
Contact Leather by beth for more information regarding the costs to your address abroad.