Smile at me, pink

216.00 kr.

Super smart, colorful and handmade leash from 'Leather by beth'

'Smile at me' is an exclusive leash with eye-catching colors and matching collars

• The leash is handmade from buffalo leather

• Available in length: 120 cm & 200 cm

• Available in 4 colors: Pink, light blue, green & red

'Smile at me' is like all our products vegetable tanned... -because we love our animals

Leather by beth  •  Danish leather design the cool way

Smile at me is an exclusive leash with eye-catching colors and matching collars

Smile at me is the colorful leash that is both simple and extremely durable

The leashes and accompanying collars are handmade in buffalo leather


120 cm & 200 cm - W: 20 mm


Pink  •  light blue  •  green  •  red

Smile at me is a classic and durable leash that your dog can use both at home, on the walk and for training.

The leash is produced in buffalo leather which is both water-repellent, very strong and keeps its shape.

The carabiner is handcrafted from brass.

Like our other dog products, 'Smile at me' is vegetable-tanned. Nice to know when you put it around your dog's neck.

We recommend that you maintain the leash with our Danish Gold Quality Leather Grease, so it remains soft, beautiful and supple.

-made to be used !

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